From Me to You

This is a social network project that seeks to be a hub for citizen journalism. A place where anyone can write news and then make it easier for readers to find relevant information.
The idea is to try to remove the intermediary in the media, such as newspapers, and build a direct path between the people who experience the facts first hand and the consumers/readers of this news. For this I use Django, and also machine learning to rank news according to the interests of the readers and to classify them based on implicit things such as tone, sentiment, concepts and entities of which we speak. So if there is news talking about Argentina as a country, it automatically creates a page with all the news talking about Argentina. This can be applied to people, events, climatic catastrophes or almost anything: the idea is that you can classify news created by people automatically and about abstract things like feelings or ideas. And once that newspage is created, it encourages people to continue cooperating with more information which is later to the user in a much more enriching way than through traditional means. There are many more features: people can comment on news, rate them, pass them on (so they go up in the charts as in Reddit) and obtain summaries. Another goal is to get huge amounts of meaningful and useful information in the shortest time possible, that's why I also designed a news pre-reader in order to see if an article is worth reading without having to read it.
In a certain degree, what I'm looking for is building something like a YouTube for the news, where anyone can have a newspaper and start writing news, since another function is that if people like your newspaper they can subscribe and follow your news (same applies to themes, concepts, ideas, etc.). Right now there is something similar called LiveLeak, but while they worry about doing it video, I now seek to do it through articles and photos and based on the preferences of the users and natural language processing. In the future if this works, also through recordings using a Snapchat-style application.
There may still be problems to solve, but I sincerely believe that the best way to combat false news is not with censorship, but with more information, and that is what I seek to encourage. The project is still a work in progress, and there are a lot of bugs and errors. But it has reached a point in the development where it can actually be useful for other people.

Diego Estevez